BMW 7th Generation Series 7 Introduction

The new BMW Flagship is on the Horizon

   2022 marks the 45th anniversary of the BMW 7 Series, and the birth of the 7 Series seventh generation! According to folklore the seventh son of a seventh son is said to possess special, almost magical powers. With the craftmanship, progressive technologies and design advancements present in the new BMW 7 Series, you could say they also wield special powers which border on the magical, at least as far as the awesome vehicle experience you will have is concerned, no matter which "Power of Choice" you choose for your 7 Series, gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid, or purely electric.  

Elegant Choices Abound

   BMW paid special attention to creating a stunning cabin space with two amazing centerpieces. First you will notice a dearth of knobs and buttons, which have been replaced with BMW's austere dashboard, dominated by screens/touchscreens and a digital instrument cluster. And then there is the 31.3-inch Theatre Screen. You read that correctly, 31.3 inches. Add to those a surround sound system from Bowers and Wilkins with 18 or even 36 speakers, and the many more amazing features which aid the BMW 7 Series aesthetic and raise it to new, lofty heights, and the result is almost magical!

Time to Discover the World's Most Alluring Luxury Sedan, BMW 7 Series

   The BMW 7 Series is truly the flagship for the Bavarian car maker, a mantle it hoists upon its shoulders and boldly carries forward with advancements in design combined with the implementation of high-tech functionality and aesthetics throughout the various versions which will be available. From an array of available powerplants to touches of elegance like the Iconic Glow headlamps utilizing Swarovski crystals set in an "L" shape illuminated by 14 LED lights for your daytime running light and sidelights, and they even light up in sequence when you get close to your higher end BMW 7 Series.

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