Multipoint Vehicle Inspection

Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection at MAG BMW Dublin

We have a team of certified technicians that know your BMW and its primary components professionally. These are the ideal professionals that should be completing your multi-point inspections for accuracy. The certified technician inspecting your BMW will follow BMW's certified multi-point inspection checklist. The checklist is handed to you after service and you will be allowed to discuss what it means and what to do next with a knowledgeable service advisor.

When Should my BMW get a Multi-Point Inspection?

We offer complimentary multipoint inspections to conclude other services because they are a valuable way to find problems when they are minor and to get them fixed promptly in support of your BMW's engine performance, fuel efficiency, and safety. If your BMW is not getting routine inspections alongside other services, we invite you to get more for your money with us at MAG BMW Dublin.

Inspection Checklist and Report

The certified BMW checklist that we use for a thorough inspection ends up being a report card handed to you at the end of service. The checklist includes every part inspected with a grade reflecting the risk and when service is recommended. If you want to reduce uncertainties about your BMW's condition and maintenance, we invite you to MAG BMW Dublin for your next multi-point vehicle inspection.

Explaining what the Graded Colors Mean

If the part receives a green grade, it has been checked and found to be in good condition requiring no corrective maintenance. Parts graded yellow have some wear and tear and carry an increased risk but not an emergency-level risk. These parts will need maintenance now or in the future if put off. Any parts receiving a red grade are at significant risk and we recommend immediate corrective maintenance or repair.


What Gets Checked During the Inspection?

Our BMW multi-point vehicle inspection is both thorough and comprehensive. The goal of the service is to assess primary parts and to get a better understanding of what a vehicle needs to get the most out of it. You will notice that the inspection is organized according to the vehicle area and features vital components related to engine performance, fuel efficiency, reliability, and safety. We check all around the interior and exterior, under the vehicle, under the hood, battery inspection, and tire inspection including tread depth measurement, abnormal wear assessment, and measurement of brake linings.

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