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Your BMW's braking system is more than just necessary. Brakes are a vehicle's primary safety feature, so keeping them in tip-top condition should be a priority. Staying on top of your recommended brake service schedule is an essential part of doing this. However, you don't want to trust your BMW to just any mechanic. If you're in Westerville, Worthington, Hillard, or anywhere else in the greater Columbus, OH area, MAG BMW of Dublin has all of your brake service needs covered.

Required Brake Services

Your brakes aren't single parts so much as they're a system of many parts working together in harmony. Some parts are designed to wear out and be replaced while others are longer-lasting. However, all require regular attention from a professional to stay safe and effective. Keeping a running schedule that covers everything is the best way to ensure your brakes are genuinely maintained. The following are some of the most critical services to keep in mind, all of which are certified BMW brake services offered by MAG BMW of Dublin.


Brake Inspection

Your BMW's brake pads make direct contact with your wheels when you activate your brakes, so they will eventually wear out and need replacing. Some brake pads are hardier than others and will last longer as a result. On average, you should have your brake pads replaced approximately every 50,000 miles.

Brake Pad Replacement

Brake Pad Replacement

Like your brake pads, your brake rotors will wear out eventually, usually after 70,000 miles or so on average. Once that's the case, your mechanic will do one of two things. He may resurface your existing rotors so that they're good for another 70,000 miles. Alternatively, he may replace them entirely.

Brake Fluid Exchange

Brake Fluid Exchange

Many of your vehicle's essential systems rely on fluids to stay lubricated. Your braking system is no exception. However, even the best brake fluid doesn't last indefinitely. It becomes thicker with age and can accumulate dirt or grime, meaning it becomes a lot less productive. Bring your BMW in for a brake fluid exchange every 24,000 miles (or two years) to keep your brakes functioning.

Brake Rotor Service

Brake Rotor Service

Suppose you're not sure whether it's time for your next round of scheduled services or suspect there may be an issue with your brakes. In that case, you can always bring your vehicle around for a brake inspection. Your mechanic will thoroughly look your system over to make sure everything's as it should be. Many people also like to have brake inspections performed before long road trips, vacations, or long-distance moves to ensure they'll have a safe journey.

BMW Brake Services

Signs My Vehicle Needs Brake Service

Staying on top of your regularly scheduled brake maintenance milestones is only part of the equation for keeping your vehicle safe. Every driver should also be in the habit of self-monitoring their brakes for signs they may need professional service sooner than expected. The following are some great examples:

  • Your brakes grind, growl, squeal, or squeak when activated
  • Your steering wheel shakes or vibrates when you're driving or braking
  • Your car wobbles or feels like it's throbbing when driving at highway speeds
  • Your brake pedal feels soft, spongy, or weak when you step on it
  • Your brake pads look visibly thin or cracked
  • Your dashboard lights indicate a possible problem

Does It Matter Where I Go for BMW Brake Services?

Many drivers assume that since every vehicle has brakes, then any mechanic shop will be as good a place as any to go for essential services. However, where you take your car for service matters, it's critical to give some thought to whom you trust. Always choose a dealership and service center that specializes in certified BMW brake services to ensure technicians are factory-trained to work with your vehicle in particular. You'll be able to rest comfortably in the knowledge that real BMW parts will be used when replacements, repairs, and upgrades are in order.

Certified BMW Service & BMW Parts in the Great Columbus Area

When you're having your brakes serviced, you naturally don't want to stray too far from home unless you have to. If you're in or near Columbus, MAG BMW of Dublin is the place to go for top-tier brake system service, routine inspections, and anything else you might need. Please have a seat and unwind in our comfortable waiting lounge with complimentary coffee or tea and some reading material. Our factory-trained BMW technicians will get your brakes back in perfect condition in our state-of-the-art facility. Schedule your next service appointment online at your convenience!

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